Kaartje Iona en informatie over het eiland

Kaartje Iona is een hulpmiddel bij het lezen van het artikel over Iona en met name over de heilige St. Columba.

Als ja naar Schotland gaat en met name de Inner Hebrides dan moet je gewoon een dagje naar Iona. Het is een bijna magische ervaring, zeker als je gelovig bent.

Dit is de bakermat van het Europese Christendom en je loopt hier over gronden waar meer dan 1000 jaar geleden evenementen hebben plaatsgevonden die aan de basis staan van onze huidige Christelijke waarden en normen.

Kaartjes van Iona

kaartje iona
kaartje iona Noordzijde
Noord – zijde van Iona
kaartje iona Zuidkant
Zuid – Zijde van Iona
Iona locatie port coracle
Iona op Google Earth met de locatie van the Port of the Orracle en de Abdij

Korte info over Iona van de Site van het eiland

Iona is a tiny island off the southwest coast of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. It is only 1.5 miles wide by 3 miles long, with a population of around 120 permanent residents. Despite this, Iona has a special place in the heart of many people the world over. We hope that as you browse this website you will discover something new and that it will encourage you to visit the island, whether it’s for the first time or whether you are already hooked.

Iona has a long and illustrious history and is well known as being ‘The cradle of Christianity’ in Scotland. While that is without doubt one of the main reasons that a reported 130,000 visitors come to Iona each year, there is much more to the island than that. It is striking to remark that despite the numbers of visitors to the island, the pervading feeling that people leave with is one of peace and restoration.

The first stage in getting to the isle of Iona is to sail to the isle of Mull, which is served by two different ferry routes operated by Caledonian MacBrayne. The main route is the Oban to Craignure service which connects with buses and trains to Glasgow and elsewhere. This sailing takes around 45 minutes and is served by a large ferry with good onboard facilities. Advance booking for cars is recommended (essential in the busy summer months) and vehicles must check in 30 minutes before departure. Tickets must be purchased before boarding.

The shorter Lochaline-Fishnish crossing is useful for those travelling from the north of Scotland and with their own vehicle.


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