Foto’s van de Rubha Hunish wandeling

Zie de foto’s (helemaal onderaan) voor de Rubha Hunish wandeling. Een serie impressies van de prachtige wandelroute naar Rubha Hunish op Skye.

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De Rubha Hunish wandeling

Foto’s van de Rubha Hunish wandeling
foto Rubha Hunish
De uitkijkpost bovenop de klif. Hier kun je even bijkomen en genieten van het uitzicht

Engelse beschrijving van de wandeling – deel 1

This is an outstanding walk to the furthest north point of Skye. From the end of the point I have seen dolphins, whales and a basking shark, all at close range. The walk is around 6 kilometres return, with fairly easy going for most of the way. A steep section down an inland cliff looks more daunting than it is, but it will test those with no head for heights. Begin from the small car park just off the main road between Duntulm and Kilmaluag, at NG422742.

A path runs pretty much due north from here, keeping to the high ground.In places there are forks in the path, but they are just braids that come back together again. To your left are views over the abandoned settlement of Erisco to Duntulm Bay and Tulm Island. At NG413755 you reach a gate in the fence.

After a lot of rain this area can be wee bit boggy, but it is always passable with care. Once through the gate, keep straight ahead on the path that climbs the hill, avoiding the valley route to the left. Soon the path reaches the summit of Meall Tuath and the wonderful old Coastguard Lookout Hut. The hut is now a bothy, looked after by the excellent Mountain Bothies Association.

Engelse beschrijving van de wandeling – deel 2

From the hut, head west down a path. This soon descends steeply into a valley with a maze of fences and gates. Just through the gate at the northwestern end of the fences – at NG410761 – a path goes down steeply just to the left of a large boulder.

This is the only way to get to Rubha Hunish itself. Follow the path down to the bottom of the cliffs and then head right to the east side of the peninsula. Here you will find a couple of impressive sea stacks just off the cliffs. Ropes and other climbing gear left on them testify to the fact that they have been climbed – certainly by braver souls than me.

Follow the coastline from here out to the point. It is easy walking on short grass all the way. At the point, keep a watch on the water. You could well be lucky because the sharks and whales tend to be close to the shore here as they round the top of the island.

Return to the bottom of the cliff by completing a circuit of the point along its west coast. When you reach the top of the steep section, there is no need to return to the Coastguard Hut. Keeping to the left side of the valley you will pick up a path heading straight ahead. At the end of the valley bear left, slightly uphill, to rejoin the outward path at the gate.

 Zie de foto’s: 16 t/m 35.

Bij de Foto’s
  • 19: De uitkijkpost bovenop de klif. Hier kun je even bijkomen en genieten van het uitzicht.
  • 32: Kaartje 1 geeft de locatie aan van de wandeling en de omgeving op het schiereiland Trotternish op Skye.
  • 33: Kaartje 2 is de route van de wandeling.
  • 34: De telefooncel vanwaar de wandeling start.

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